Hello! Thanks for visiting me! I’m blogging…haha, Let’s see how long I last!  Well, I’m just going to pretend that this is kind of my journal, or maybe that I am talking to a bunch of friends… which I pretty much am. You may or may not know that I am a hopeless facebooker. Facebook has always been so overwhelming to me, so I’ve avoided it. I have made it a new years resolution of mine for the past four years to get better with using facebook, but alas, I think I’m allergic. :) So hopefully I’ll have better luck with blogging!

I’d like to share in this blog the things that make life better for me; things or truths that I couldn’t live without.

I believe that there are so many lies around us about what life is about, what brings happiness, who we are and who God is. I know that some of these lies have brought me so much anxiety and depression at times. I have come to see that truth really does make us free. I guess that’s why I’m passionate to share things that have given me the freedom, happiness, peace and fulfillment that I always craved. So I’d like to share the story that I have come to see life through.

Why are the most simple truths somehow the most profound? Why do I get so shocked every time I realize, wow, God really is love? I’d have to say that this belief is the one most precious to me, and also the one most difficult to fully accept. There are so many ugly interpretations of God. I think a lot of us adopt many of these ugly beliefs without even realizing it… and they can be hard to shake! It also get’s really confusing when God seems so distant when we need Him or when tragedy strikes… and yet, I have found that if I keep searching for answers, there is enough evidence to help me see that God is close and that He is Love. If I just look at a flower, or hear a bird singing I know…this world came from a beautiful mind; a mind that intended good for us and not pain.