Track 1-BLUE SKY



Dark night you have become the blue sky

By the sunrise

You’ve been made so bright

Blue sky the crimson colours of sunrise

Have broken your night

Oh blue sky


Verse 1

The sun that sat high

Gave up His glory in the sky

To come down to the earth

And to lay down His life

And as the sun set

His blood spilled over the night

As He became the black that belonged to you

His beloved




Verse 2


The obedience of Christ

Could not be held by the night

As He shattered your dark

To make you the blue of His pure life

Victorious beams

Have raised you up with Him

The new morning has come

The new morning is you






Verse 1


Light as a bird I could fly

That’s the way I always feel

When Your love melts away my fears

For I had been tired, troubled mind

Mistakes I wanted to hide

How could I be a light for You


Chorus 1


Light as a bird for You have shown

All my weaknesses you’ve known

Still You pick me up saying

Together we can do it keep running

And so the light I want to show

Is how You have loved me perfect


Verse 2


Light as a bird I could fly

That’s the way I always feel

When Your love melts away my fears

For You have revived

Breathed new life

To the dreams You put inside

Dreams You wired

Deep inside my mind


Chorus 2


For when I see You look at me

I remember who I was made to be

Fear and failure lose their power

For in Your eyes I see that You’re still proud

And so the light I want to show

Is how You have loved me perfect


Chorus 1






Here He comes

Riding on a white horse

To pull me out from the midst of my enemy

My faithful one

Here He comes

To vanquish His enemies

Fighting with a fierce love

A love stronger than death

My true one


Verse 1


Soft in the stillness of night

Gentle and quiet

His voice assured me again

Child I’m not finished yet

Let your heart rest

I won’t let you slip through my fingers




Verse 2


He holds me

Oh He holds me so closely

I am His

And by His grace He is mine

No power can loosen His grip on me

I’m so tightly held by His mighty love






If I say my foot is slipping

Your mercy Oh Lord holds me up

In the multitude of my thoughts

Your comforts delight my soul

Oh here He comes






Verse 1


I’m afraid that you don’t know

How much I think the world of you

That I care for you so much

That I try not to so much

But here is my predicament

That you’re not mine you’re just a friend

So I’ll hold onto my heart

Until we are sure




So lets keep our hearts secure in our Fathers hands

As we seek and pray for His will and His plans

I will always love you as my brother and my friend

To only bless you in this time is my earnest prayer

Until we both know which way to go


Verse 2


I respect you

I know that you’re a child of His

I see how He is making your heart so big

And it is beautiful to me

I love all the things that make up who you are

I love your raw knowing of your need for God

It’s inspiring to me




Track 5 - NEVER MOVE


Verse 1


I have never seen your love move

No I’ve never seen it sway

It stands like a strong tower

That no storm could ever shake

No I’ve never seen your love move

Nor the colours of it fade

Its tones only look deeper

With each closer step I take


Verse 2


Even if I struggled

I know that even if I swayed

Even if I stumbled

I know your love would still remain

Yes I feel safe in your arms

They’re familiar to me

They remind me of my Father

For in you His heart I see

In you His heart I see


Verse 3


Now I pray for Gods power

As I make this pledge to you

That my love would be a strong tower

That I’ll be forever true

I’ll give my all to make you happy

Be your support in all you do

And you’ll be safe in my arms

For my love will never move

My love will never move

My love will never move

All my love’s for you




Verse 1


Enjoy the sunshine

Warm on your skin

Hear the birds chime

Watch them through the branches weaving




All I want is you

Stop and know My love

All I want is you

Be still and know My love


Verse 2


Smell the fragrance of spring flowers

Carry gently on the breeze

Do you see beloved

It is for you that I made these




Track 7 - RUN, RUN


Verse 1


Head down heavy heart mind spinning

No words overwhelmed body seizing up

Out of breath aching chest mind screaming

Show me the way to peace

Show me the way of peace




Get up and run

Get up and run

Because the lion has no teeth

Your fears are not what they seem

Your chains aren’t attached to anything

Run run

Run run


Verse 2


On the ground fallen down need healing

Giving up losing trust are You leading

What’s the use self abuse still screaming

Show me the way to peace

Show me the way of peace






Verse 1


Okay so you came along

Inspired me to write a couple of songs

Okay so your presence attracted me like gravity

Okay so you loved me and changed my world eternally

Well it’s much more than okay dearest friend forever stay




Here is my hand my heart my all

Here is a risk but to me you’re worth more

You are the only one

My companion my love

Most precious gift of God


Verse 2


Dearest of friends

I am excited to share

Everything that life has to give to us

And eternity it couldn’t be long enough I’m sure

To know you to love you

To hold your hand and explore




Bridge 1


Where you go let me go

Where you dwell let me dwell with you

May nothing but death separate you and me

May our love grow through all eternity




Bridge 2


I’ll love you forever

I’ll love you til forever

I’ll love you forever my love




Track 9 - LOVE


Verse 1


Love is patient and is kind

Love does not envy

Nor does it parade itself




Love love love

Love it never fails

Love love love

It never fails


Verse 2


Does not rejoice in iniquity

But rejoices in the truth

It bares all things

Believes all things

Hopes all things

Endures all things






Verse 1


Sin has stained my guilty heart

As dark crimson lost and defiled

Just let me be, You can’t fix me

Don’t let me break your heart




This is not who you are

This is not who you are

This is not who you are


Verse 2


My heart feels hard

I just can’t love

In a way that is worthy of You

My path is set

Just please forget me

So I stop breaking Your heart




Verse 3


Block your ears until My voice is clear

Hear the passion in My cry

I will never stop coming after you

You’re My beauty and My desire








Who is this

Who delights even in me

My Lord who fought for my peace

Saying I will not rest until she is Mine

Until I have clothed her so bright


Verse 1


Who is this who calls me lovely

Who has saved a retch like me

Giving beauty for ashes

To be His crown of glory

Who has bought me with His own blood

To clothe me as His bride

The fervent love of my redeemer

Wants me forever by His side




Verse 2


All I am is in His own hands

All my weaknesses He bares

For my wholeness my salvation

Are His most earnest of cares

The Son of God tempted in all points

Yet in all points without sin

Conquering every weakness as me

That He might carve my way back to Him






Verse 1


Oh the sweetness of being here with You

All of the day, Oh I pray

Help this wandering heart to remain

In You I am blessed

In You so content

Guide my feet

Cause them to keep

Walking in Your perfect way

Your perfect way

Your loving selfless way


Verse 2


Let me not negotiate

With the old man that I now hate

Let him be nothing else but dead

That I might exist as alive

Only in Christ I am free

Only in Christ so happy

Refining fire, healing my mind

Mould me into the image of Love

The image of Love

Beautiful image of You

Who is Love


Verse 3


Here is the life

That I longed for

Here is the place that I adore

I’m not in prison anymore

For you’ve brought me out into Your marvellous light

Come my friend let me remind you again

Forget the dark places you’ve been

For now you are a child of His

A child of His

A recreated child of His




Verse 1


Falling in Your arms again

It doesn’t matter where I am

I can always lean back

And find the arms that always calm me down

No trouble too much for You

No tangle you can’t undo

You always find a way

To stand me up again and send me on my way

I hear you say




Lean upon Me now

Lay your troubles down

My shoulders strong enough to hold you

Lean upon Me now

Lay your troubles down

My shoulders strong enough to hold you
To hold you


Verse 2


With heavy steps I come to You

I see Your smile and I am soothed

As I reach out again

You take hold of my hands

As tears fill up my eyes

As I hear You lullaby