I first met Melissa Otto while walking along the beach on a typical sunny Australian afternoon.

She was standing on the edge of the water with her surfboard, watching her friends in the ocean, and invited me into her world with a friendly smile. After that brief encounter I would have described Melissa as being someone who loves people, community, adventure and God. Today I would describe her in the same way. Melissa is a humble, easy going, fun-loving girl who continues to invite people into her world through sharing the truths God has revealed to her through music.

Melissa Otto was encouraged to develop her love for singing by her parents at a young age and often sang special items in local churches with her father and her two brothers, Jonathan and Billy, and sister Sarah. Melissa released her first EP (‘Patio’) at the age of 20. 

Since that time she has now released three Albums: ‘Opened’ {2007}, ‘Blue Sky’ {2011}, and most recently ‘The Journey Home’ {2014}. Her music has captured listeners around the world with her beautiful melodies, deeply personal lyrics and soothing voice. She is passionate about using the gift of music she has been given to bring people hope and comfort in God’s character. “I am amazed at God’s desire and ability to use us faulty vessels to carry the important and beautiful message of His true heart for us – we are weak but He is strong”. Melissa chooses an organic and refreshing style to carry this message. 

Melissa was nominated for best songwriter and awarded best Christian artist in the Music Oz Awards. She has travelled extensively with her music including tours to USA, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore and most recently Brazil. 

In my opinion Melissa Otto is an unbelievable musician and incredible person and definitely worth making the effort to meet if you ever see her on the beach! 

 Jason Hinze (Melissa’s Husband)